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Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder 

SETO Financial Inc.

"I have pioneered my field and worked with thousands of clients over the years. However, working for a specific bank comes with certain limitations where at times you cannot provide solutions to all your clients. With that in mind, it was time for a change. I wanted to assist my clients with all their financial needs without any boundaries."

After working for one of Canada's major bank, TD Canada Trust, over a decade, Ali, has finally decided to extend his scope and horizon. He brings forward expertise and knowledge that he acquired over the years through thousands of satisfied customers, with customized financial planning and mortgage solutions.

A former Bank Executive who started his career over 11 years ago, he excelled through the ranks over the years with his hard work, honesty, and dedication. As a top producer with one of Canada's major banks, Ali, has funded over 250 million in volume. His career achievements follow his thousands of satisfied customers and their raving reviews. 

Coming from a diverse background and growing up in New York, Ali, was always eager to help people. After studying 2 years in Baruch College, he acquired his Honours Undergraduate Degree, a double major, in Finance and Marketing from the University of Windsor. He has also completed many industry credentials such as CSC, IFC, PFSA, FP I & FP II to name a few. In recent years, Ali has successfully obtained his Mortgage Licence, which takes him one step closer to providing a variety of services to his clients. 

"Over the decade I have assisted customers from all walks of life. Together we were able to navigate through the best path ahead towards their financial goal. It has been my pleasure to provide advice to my clients regarding all aspects of their financial needs." 



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President and Co-Founder 

SETO Financial Inc.


"With years of experience in my own field, it was time for a change. It is a learning curve. As I take each step and learn the process, I hope to use my knowledge and expertise to bring a more creative outlook to resolve and find solutions for my clients."

Samina has pioneered in her own field for over a decade. She worked as a freelance journalist for National Post, & Gleaner Press to name a few. With extensive writing experience, she has also, worked as the editor and publisher for Black Moss Press. With an Undergraduate Degree in English Literature and Language, and a minor of Philosophy from the University of Windsor, and a Post Graduate in Journalism from Guelph Humber, she is well versed in her craft. 

With a knack for leadership, she held the position of President, Secretary, and Co-director of Communications for Ontario Public Interest Research Group. Samina, a globetrotter, who grew up in Los Angeles, California, in recent years - brings her love for exploration and communication to become a Social Media Influencer.  Her proficiency in social media targeting and communication secured her an army of followers along with business opportunities with sponsorships. 

"My grandma would always say that it is never too late to learn a new craft, just make sure you make it your own. With that in mind, I bring a different outlook to the table that is more relatable with today's fast-paced society. A little less of black and white, while exploring other shades of grey."


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